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This is what participants say about the course:

„These first days have not simply given me new knowledge. I could lay out important questions and aspects, then sort them. I received new impulses, connected known insights, created a new order and established a focus. I go home with a lighter backpack and clear perspectives."

Annette Herrmann-Winter, Head of the Ecclesiastic Counseling Team of Hessen, Germany

"When I enter the learning space, I don't feel as if I'm going to be fixed up. But rather that I am whole and worthy already with my experience, background, history and interests. As the learning unfolds, I feel that my abilities, skills, talents and experiences are being engineered to unlock my best potential."

Claire DuPlessis, Curriculum Advisor, Minstry of Education, South Africa

"The module has a very positive effect on me, it helps me every day to value myself and situations from many more perspectives and angles, to identify my place and role. I liked the method of teaching by putting ideas in real situations. At the townhall [in Covasna], where chaos exists, and the waves are higher and higher from a day to another I can manage situations and myself easier. I also had the opportunity to enjoy the peoples' hospitality. It was a uniqe experience for me."

Cecilia Tordai, Covasna Town Hall, Romania

"I appreciate the Intercultural Navigator as a tremendously important learning experience. In the years since my participation the acquired skills have gained importance increasingly."
Nik Streit, Chemist and Gymnasium Teacher

"As a project leader of the Swiss Youth Red Cross I often work with people from Eastern Europe. The Intercultural Navigator has made me aware of the importance to reflect my own and others' value systems and has given me self-confidence for my intercultural work. There is plenty of advice of how to suceed, but who goes through the actual danger zones of my project with me? Not only did I learn much from the trainers but I also tremendously profited fromt he other course participants." Corinne Widmer, Project Leader Eastern Europe, Swiss Youth Red Cross

"In a world getting more complicated by the day, getting to know others, who want tools to stay on top of the chaos, is an important stronghold to me. Networking for a unity in diversity!"Wimi Wittwer, Cultural Manager, Kulturhalle 36, Baden


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