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What are Navigator projects?

Projects, to us, are important learning fields.  Projects are supposed to impress - you and others. The project you deisgn and implement during the course is not necessarily about smooth sucess, but about becoming aware of chances and hindrances and about learning from mistakes. A carefully evaluated failed project is often more valuable than a project which was a social and economic success, because often the project leaders of a successful project don't know why their project was a winner.

Learning on different levels

Intercultural Navigators learn to navigate on three different levels:

1. Reflection of own experiences - relect and sort out your personal values, patterns  and principles.

2. Conceret know-how - learn about relevanttheoretical models and instruments of leadership, project management and organizational design.

3. Practice - put your insight into action in a conceret project; we accompany you through the danger zones. 

Former participants have designed and implemented projects in the follwoing fields (click on the field to see short descriptions and web-links of the projects): 

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