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What is the benefit of the Intercultural Navigator?

The one-year training enables you to cristallize your personal strengths, to focus on things essential and to pay attention to the salient details in leading and in communicating with your co-workers, partners and customers in projects and change processes. The training reinforces your self-esteem, your joy and a lightness in project mangement and leadership, it inspires with concrete examples and opens up new horizons and perspectives. Above all, however, the Intercultural Navigator enables you to lead efficiently and effectively and to go where you really want to go.

Do I get a diploma, and of what use is it?

Intercultural Navigators receive a diploma listing course contents and the examimations results. The course has been evaluated positively in an evaluation on behalf of Migros Kulturprozent in 2000 – Migros was a co-sponsor of the first two courses at the time. So far we have not been able to find an adequate form to externally certify the training that fits the Navigator's process- and practice-oriented character.  Intercultural Navigators prove what they have learnt with the way they perform.

Further questions? Contact us per e-mail.

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