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 The Intercultural Navigator consists of 8 modules – 25 training days with additional 200-300 hours individual project work. The package includes 4.5 hours of individual coaching.

The final examination is optional and will be carried out in collaboration with an external expert.

Course languages are German and English, depending on the participants. A solid knowledge of one of the two languages is a precondition to attend the course.

Dates and program for team 05/06 and 06/07:
infoblatt_ganz_E-07.pdf infoblatt_ganz_E-07.pdf

Module 1

Team 8 2007/08: 6.-9. November 2007
Team 9 2008/09: 4.-7. November 2008
Book separately as an orientation module: SFr. 1500.- (includes approx. 1.5 hrs individual coaching session). All other modules can also be booked separately.

Navigation, Leadership, Coaching

> Day 1
Intercultural navigation (leadership in change, intercultural project management and awareness of skills and competences), evaluation of current situation
> Day 2
Interculturality (understanding of cultures, analysing intercultural dialogue-skills and competences, exchange and reflection of experiences)
> Day 3
Leadership (responsibility of self and integrative leadership in teams in different cultural contexts, setting approach, diversity management and dominant logics)
> Day 4
coaching (principles and values of valuable support and cooperation, contracting of external coaches and consultants)

Module 2

Team 8 2007/2008: 7-11 January 2008

Effective Communication, Facilitation, Conflict Management

Book separately: SFr. 1750.
> Day 1
Communication training: effective communication and public speaking
> Day 2
Storytelling and visualisation for intercultural groups
> Day 3
Facilitation of groups
> Day 4
Conflict resolution (basics and reflection of own conflict patterns and intervention skills)
> Day 5
Conflict facilitation (basics and exercises, integration of external mediators).

Module 3

Team 8 2007/2008: 5-7 March 2008

Project and Organisational Design

Book separately: SFr. 1200.-
Evening before: Introduction
> Day 1
Project-Design: vision, clarification of objectives, working principles and planning (based on individual project ideas)
> Day 2
Understanding of roles: awareness and clarification of the roles of the participants, role-conflicts in projects, implementation (priorities and pitfalls).
> Day 3
Understanding organisations: anchoring projects in organisations, project outlines and launches.
>> This module can be usefully combined with module 7 (Budgets, Financing, Fundraising).


Optional Module

Inspiration & Project-Tour in South Africa or Romania. More...


Module 4

Team 8 2007/2008: 2-4 April 2008

Change and Quality Management

Book separately: SFr. 1200.-
Evening before: Introduction
> Day 1
Change management (principles of change, values, chaordic circle, flow-model and analysis tools, dominant logics and design of change processes on personal and team-level, cooperation and contracting external experts.
> Day 2
Learning organisations (development processes for learning teams and organisations)
> Day 3
Understanding of quailty, quality management and development of quality.

Module 5

Team 8 2007/2008 2/3 Juune 2008

Public Relations, Identity and Brands

Book separately: SFr. 700.-
> Day 1
Public relations for intercultural projects (basic know-how and tools)
> Day 2
PR for intercultural projects (lobbying and events)

Module 6

Team 8 2007/2008: 4-6 June 2008

Media Relations, Promotion

Book separately: SFr. 1050.-
> Day 1
Media work (working with media, interviews and planning media work)
> Day 2
Promotion and selling of intercultural projects
> Day 3
Workshop: Applying the contents of Module 5 and 6 to your won projects

>> We recommend to combine Module 6 with Module 5.

Module 7

Team 7 2006/2007: 16/17 August 2007
Team 8 2007/2008: 14/15 August 2008

Budgets, Financing, Fundraising

Book separately: SFr. 850.-
Evening before (22 November, 6 pm): Introduction
> Day 1 (9am -5.30 pm)
Financial planning, accounting and controlling in projects
> Day 2 (9am -5.30 pm)
Fundraising and sponsoring

Final exams

Team 7 2006/2007: September 2007
Team 8 2007/2008: 22-26 September 2008


Module 8

Team 7 2006/2007:  25/26 October 2007
Team 8 2007/2008: 23/24 October 2008

Evaluation, Networks and Perspectives

Book separately: SFr. 850.- Evening before: Introduction > Day 1 Evaluation of the education and the projects, review and evaluation of the progress of each participants > Day 2 Development of networks and project leader pool, perspectives, further education/training opportunities and future projects.


Diploma celebration

Date will be determined with the participants.


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